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Trusted Plumbing Services in Victoria BC

male plumber fixing a sink in bathroom


Phil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is an experienced company offering cost-effective quality plumbing services. Our team understands that plumbing issues can cause severe damage to your home and property if not handled on time. You can rely on our professionals to visit your home or commercial space immediately and offer comprehensive plumbing solutions. Call us today to get plumbing services in Victoria.


Our Services

Choose Phil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for the following services:

  • 24/7 emergency services: Our team offers hassle-free emergency plumbing services. 

  • Burst pipe repairs: If a burst pipe has wreaked havoc in your home, please contact us. We offer prompt and immediate burst pipe repairs. 

  • Clogged toilet repairs: Has clogged toilets made it challenging to live in your home? Contact us for fast and hassle-free repairs.

  • Drain cleaning: You can rely on us to offer drain cleaning services at great prices.

  • Plumbing inspection:  Before making a life decision, such as a home purchase or renovation, call our team for a full inspection of all your plumbing.  Full inspection of drainage, plumbing, presence of Poly B piping, and any plumbing code concerns will assist in putting your mind at ease.


Signs You Need Plumbing Services

It is essential to pay attention to your plumbing system to avoid expensive repairs in the future. You need plumbing services if:

  • The water drains from a sink, tub or shower slowly.

  • You have leaking or dripping taps.

  • There is a foul odour, or the water in your home tastes odd.

Contact Us

Are you looking for plumbing repairs or in need of maintenance services? Phil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has got you covered. We offer affordable and hassle-free plumbing services and have all the necessary tools and expertise to undertake projects of any size. Get in touch with us for plumbing issues assistance.



Phil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers hassle-free and professional plumbing services in Victoria.

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